Practice Areas

Serious Felony Charges

John Rockecharlie and Russ Stone have tried just about every type of criminal case, ranging from Capital Murder to Petty Larceny and everything in between.  Their knowledge and experience can help you traverse the scary criminal justice process.

Drug Offenses

Russ Stone was leader of the Multi-jurisdictional Grand Jury.  He has the experience of handling long term investigations.  He can use that experience to help you.  When John Rockecharlie left prosecution he was the Deputy Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Richmond.  In his 30+ years of working within the criminal justice system he has handled massive kilo weight conspiracies down to the residue found in a car.  Both men understand the complexities of undercover investigations s well as the complexities of addiction.  Put their experience to work for you.  

Fraud and White Collar Crime

John Rockecharlie and Russ Stone have handled a multitude of allegations of embezzlement and computer crimes.  Cases have ranged from millions of dollars to skipping the scanner at the checkout stand.  Each time they have given the time and attention needed to provide their clients with the best defense.

Traffic Cases

Driving an automobile is more than a privilege it is a necessity.  Offenses that put that necessity at risk are a mainstay of what we do.  Let us help you keep, or regain your driving privileges.   

While John and Russ specialize in Criminal law, they do have experience in personal injury type cases and can give you guidance in the process.  Contact us and we can put you in touch with a network of attorneys who special in this area.